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Another major problem is that the return on equity in the

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infrastructure sector is a mere 3 percent while that in the US capital market is about 12 percent. So how can the US attract more private capital to the infr

astructure sector without guaranteeing a return on equity equal to that in the capital market?

US suffering from a financial Dutch disease

The US’ monetary hegemony is itself a big impediment to the reindustria

lization process, which could be viewed as a sort of financial Dutch disease-the apparent causal

relationship between the increase in the economic development of a specific sector and a decline in other sectors. The mor

e heated the US stock market gets, the more serious the Dutch disease will become. And, ironically, the US leader is k

een on strengthening the stock market to showcase his political and economic track record.

Besides, the US administration cannot launch large-scale infrastructure construction projects, significantly redu

ce the trade deficit with China and deny Chinese investors access to its market all at the same time.

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Joefe Santarita, dean of the Asian Center at the Unive

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rsity of the Philippines, said Asian values promote consensual approach and communitarianism

rather than individualism, and they prioritize social order and harmony as well as respect for elders, disc

ipline and a paternalistic state along with the primary role of government in economic development.

“Asian values are the salient ingredients on how to learn to work togeth

er through trust and consequently promote globalization,” Santarita told China Daily.

He cited China’s guanxi, a cultural concept that stresses deep personal connections and maintaining relations.

“Guanxi is a clear manifestation of a success story of a cultural element that is aptly applied in

the business sector. Trust is a fundamental element for Chinese businessmen who have engaged in co

mmercial partnerships and international trading systems for centuries,” he said.

Santarita said a similar concept can also be found in other Asian count

ries, citing the Philippines’ compadrazgo and Indonesia’s bapakism as examples.

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Usually, when we have become established in a second

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tier city, we will expand to neighboring lower-tier cities. For example, we have developed ve

ry well in Xiamen (Fujian province), and based on this we will expand to smaller cities nearby,” he said.

About 70 percent of small-town youths live from paycheck to paycheck, and most of their money goe

s on household items, luxuries, entertainment and travel, according to a report on this age group rec

ently released by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China.

“They also like quality products, good brands and are interested in being trendset

ters,” said Sun Hongyan, a researcher at the China Youth and Children Research Center.

Sun, the main author of the report, said 35.5 percent of small-town youths use mob

ile phones or electronic devices that feature the latest designs from well-known brands.

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A purported doctor who goes by the alias Dahanc

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chengxiang recently wrote a WeChat article saying he often encountered patients who fell for the fake adverti

sements, wasted money and treatment time and thus missed the opportunity to be cured.

The netizen also strongly opposed Li’s nomination shortly after the announce

ment, saying in an article that Li was morally unqualified because of Baidu’s insufficient regulation of adver

tising. The article went viral on social media but was removed over complains of libel by Baidu.

Li would not be the first controversial engineer to become an acade

mician, which carries perks such as stipends and medical se

rvices. In 2011, the public was outraged when Xie Jianping, a chemical engineer who created less harmful to

bacco products, became an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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n April 2017, for example, the company took technol

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ogy giant Tencent to court and asked for 180,000 yuan in compensation after Tencent us

ed nine Visual China Group images without permission, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Tencent said the images involved could also be found on other webs

ites, or the company could not prove it had authorization for the photos. The court fina

lly ordered Tencent to pay 40,000 yuan to Visual China, the report added.

Wang Weiwei, a lawyer from the Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, sai

d, “Mushrooming copyright-related disputes can be acceptable if a stock-ima

ge agency, such as Visual China Group, gets authorization for images from copyright owners.

“Any litigation caused by true copyright infringement is no problem and is justifie

d, as it is also to help protect the legitimate rights and interest of the copyright owners,” he said.

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Economy positioned for healthy future, experts say

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China can push forward deleveraging and deal with short-term downside pressure in a coord

inated way to ensure sustainable and high-quality economic growth, experts said on Friday.

“Deleveraging does not necessarily lead to slower economic gro

wth. It depends on which approach we choose to lower the leverage,” said Hu Xia

olian, chair of the Export-Import Bank of China at the Boao Forum for Asia, which concluded on Friday.

As China’s deleveraging moves support supply-side structural reforms, del

everaging and economic growth actually go hand in hand in many aspects, Hu said.

Reducing the debt ratio of State-owned enterprises, for example, entails reforms to streng

then corporate governance and higher efficiency, she said, adding that China’s efforts to develop a stronger capital

market will not only reduce the corporate debt level by increasing equity financing but also contribute to economic growth.

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The fierce clashes marked the first anniversary of the ral

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llies, better known as the “Great March of Return,” and also 43 years for the Palestinian “Land Day.”

They waved Palestinian flags, chanted slogans against Israel and clashed with the Israeli sold

iers, who were stationed on the border to prevent the masses of demonstrators from approaching the fence.

The event’s goal, according to the members of the High Commission of the “Great March of Return,” is to end an Israeli

blockade that had been imposed on the Gaza Strip since Hamas’ violent takeover of the enclave in 2007.

A mountain fire in a Beijing suburb was fully extinguished at 10:15 am Sunday morning, according to local media.

The fire broke out in a mountainous area on the northern outskirts of Beij

ing around noon Saturday, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management.

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Border patrol officers apprehended 66,450 people at the

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southern border in February, two and a half times the number they apprehended in February 2018.

It is not clear how shutting down ports of entry would deter asylum see

kers, as they are legally able to request help as soon as they set foot on US soil.

But a border shutdown would disrupt tourism and commerce betwe

en the United States and Mexico, which totaled $612 billion last year, according to the US Cen

sus Bureau. Nielsen warned that the personnel shift would lead to commercial delays and longer wait times at crossing points.

Trump is trying to convince Congress to sign off on a revised trade

agreement with Mexico and Canada that his administration negotiated last year.

Trump delivered his latest threat in a series of Twitter as at least hundreds of migrants were

being held in a chain-link enclosure in El Paso, Texas, a border patrol official saying on Thursday that migra

nts were crossing at an average of 570 people per day in the area, the highest rate in more than a decade.

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Barack Obama: “We grieve with you and the Muslim communi

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  White House official on New Zealand attack: This “seems to be a terrorist attack”From CNN’s Betsy Klein

  National security advisor John Bolton expanded upon the White House’s statement on the

attack on New Zealand mosques, which he characterized as “what seems to be a terrorist attack” and a “hate crime.”

  Bolton said the US is “very concerned” and is following the events “very closely.”

  He told reporters Friday morning:

  “We’re obviously greatly disturbed on what seems to be a terror attack, this hate crime in New Zealand. We’ve been in touch

with our embassy overnight, we’re still getting details, but the State Department and others are following up on it.”

  Bolton continued, “We’re very concerned, we’re going to cooperate with New Zealand author

ities to the extent we can if there’s any role we can play, but we’re obviously following the events there very closely.”

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The strong line from New Delhi could boost Modi’s image

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  Still, Modi is facing what looks like an increasingly close contest.

  The main national opposition party, the Congress Party, led by Rahul Gandhi — the scion of I

ndia’s most influential political dynasty — has been attempting to shore up key constituencies ahead of voting.

  In December, the BJP lost a number of key state-level polls th

at were widely seen as leading indicators of the national mood ahead of the general election.

  Among the factors that tarnished the BJP’s image, experts

say, were the worsening economic challenges faced by ordinary Indians, despite healthy GDP growth.

  The land of a million polling stations: India’s general election by the numbers

  Modi’s 2014 victory was in part due to his promises to overhaul India’s economy and gen

erate jobs for young people, around 12 million of whom enter the workforce every year.

  In recent years, however, India has faced a worsening jobs crisis with the rate of unemployment hitting 7.2 percent in Feb

ruary, according to the Mumbai-based think tank, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

  Meanwhile, despite Modi’s attempts to portray himself as a champion of the poor, wages are falling across rural India and creat

ing an equally dire situation for the country’s farmers. The CMIE’s latest figures has rural unemployment at 6.98 percent.

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